Emergency Rights, Inc.



Emergency Rights was founded by Awilda Cordero, a lifetime activist and community leader in the South Bronx. Emergency Rights acts as an agent to inform residents of the many private and government resources available to them. Emergency Rights also helps people overcome the hurdles, fears and misinformation about these public services. These resources allow residents to resolve burdensome situations and make their lives more manageable. Staff and volunteers have helped resolve critical issues such as aiding fire victims, helping people who suffer from lead poising obtain medical care, and advocating for victims of crime and abuse. These services are provided through a combination of one-on-one personal assistance and large-scale public information events.

Mission: Our mission is to collaborate with community leaders, non-profit organizations, and volunteers to enhance the quality of life. We will help to bring closure to issues that arise in the lives of many victims. Results will show victims spend less time searching for help and more time rebuilding their lives with our support.
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