New York Open Center



In its 28 years, the Open Center has become the largest urban holistic education institution in the world. It has reached more than 400,000 participants and offers over 500 innovative and pioneering programs annually in five subject areas: health and wellness; authentic spiritual traditions from around the world; psychology and self-development; creativity and the arts; and society and ecology. The program roster includes professional trainings, educational lectures, short-term workshops, international conferences and cultural events.

The Open Center operates a bookstore with unique and hard-to-find publications, a meditation room open free to the public, and Wellness Services in integrative and complementary health modalities.

Our teachers comprise many of the worlds leading thinkers and authors, a number of whom found an early public platform at the Open Center. These include luminaries such as Andrew Weil, M.D.; Mehmet Oz, M.D.; Karen Armstrong; Deepak Chopra; Julia Cameron; Thich Nhat Hanh; Rupert Sheldrake; Marion Woodman and many others.

The Open Center is the only organization of its kind in New York City, offering the broadest array of holistic classes--and in doing so has become a unique and essential cultural institution.

Mission: The New York Open Center is a non-profit, holistic learning institution committed to expanding the minds and hearts of people everywhere through a carefully curated holistic curriculum.
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