Gardere Community Christian School



Gardere Community Christian School is a school in the neighborhood in the Gardere Community. Providing children a firm Christian foundation in the educational and spiritual life of children in the Gardere Neighborhood. 

2023 Spring Semester Volunteer opportunities

Teacher Assisting:

  • Assisting teachers in their classroom
  • Assisting in centertime
  • Assisting with student paperwork 
  • One on one with student (Reading)

Reading Buddy: 

  • 1 Hour each week, Monday through Friday
  • Consistently meet with one selected student, sharing your time, hobbies and interests. 

Story Time Saturday:

  • Saturday mornings, 9:00am - 12:00 pm
  •  February 18th and March 11th 
  • Read and facilitate fun activities for GCCS families and the Gardere neighborhood children. 


  • Ensuring students are safe on the playground 
  • Over seeing students durning their 30 minute recess time
Sustainable Development Goals
43 People | 64 Impacts | 142 Hours

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