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Providing a Christian foundation in the educational and spiritual life of children in the Gardere area.

Opportunities for Volunteering

Last school year volunteers put in over 2,500 hours of service.  We are very thankful for their dedication, love, hard work and commitment.  Our volunteers play a vital role and are a key to the success of the school and our programs.  It is only because of the volunteers that we can offer many experiences to the children that our staff alone could never be able to offer

As we continue to grow, the need for volunteers is even greater.  Below is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities available for you to serve

Reception Desk Volunteers

Welcome and direct all visitors and volunteers entering the school while monitoring hallway activity.

Mealtime Volunteers

Help serve breakfast or lunch one or two days a week.  Volunteers help serve the students, interacting with them, teaching them table manners and the art of conversation.


Read Aloud Volunteers

Select your favorite books to bring to the school and read aloud to students.  You may read one to one, in a small group or to a whole class.

Volunteer Tutors

Come work with 3-4 students in a small group working on math, reading, writing or special activities.

One to One Mentor Volunteers

Come spend time with the same student for one hour, once a week – sharing, guiding, praying, reading – building a healthy relationship to encourage the student as they grow and learn.   For additional information, click here

Special Presentation

Volunteers come share their career, hobby, talent or a Bible story.

Recess Volunteers

Help supervise recess time alongside our PE Coach. Push a child on the swings, cheer on a child around the playground equipment, play games or teach sports activities – be there to help ensure student safety!

Sustainable Development Goals
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