Sainsburys has designed a special website for the benefit of its employees. The new website is www.oursainsburys.org. By logging into the new website all the employees working at Sainsburys are exposed to the information pertaining to their work. 
For example If "A" is working at Sainsburys, then if "A" creates an account at oursainsburys, then "A" can have access to 
the number of hours he has worked that week, the wage he got payed, the salary deductions that has incurred, the extras that he has been paid etc., In this way by creating an account at oursainsburys one can gain many amenities which helps one in many ways. This new online payroll system has been implemented to reduce the wastage of paper payslips and to cut the time while issuing the paper payslips. This online payment system not only reducing the need to paper payslips , it also makes the payslips available at any time and place without delay. So, it is hereby requested to all the Sainsburys employees to create an account at
oursainsburys as soon as possible.

How to login to Oursainsburys?

  1. The employee need to know the national insurance number.
  2. The username is also required.
  3. Click oursainsburys  
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. And click submit

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