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L'Arche Mobile is a community of people with and without intellectual disabilities who share life together. The L'Arche community setting is centered around mutual relationships, the gifts of all people, and trust in God. They celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person. Foley center students are usually matched with the Activity Center which operates Monday through Friday 8-4. Volunteers are welcomed into this community by entering into relationships with community members and providing positive interactions during work and leisure activities. Volunteers who are not able to come during these times, but are interested in L'Arche can be matched within one of their 5 houses during evening hours and weekends. The time spent within a house is a more personal way to enjoy meals and/or leisure activities with community members. Service is available at the Activity Center is Monday-Thursday 9:00am- 3:00pm as arranged by the L'Arche volunteer coordinator. Students must have their own transportation. Interest in serving at a L'Arche home during evenings or weekends will require approval by the Director of the Foley Center. (This is an approved site for Foley Center direct service and internships) Valerie Lawson Mzsweet73@gmail.com
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