Mulherin Home



The mission of Mulherin Home is to provide 24-hour custodial care for adult individuals with mental and physical disabilities, in a home-like atmosphere with emphasis on quality of life. Their home can house up to 34 residents, and each is truly an individual. Their residents enjoy playing games, coloring, singing karaoke and visiting with volunteers. If you would like to make Mulherin Home your volunteer site, you will not be disappointed. Many of their residents are high functioning and participate in activities such as drama class and appreciate help with their lines, or to just sit and talk about their day. There are some non-verbal residents who love to do arts and crafts, or have a story read to them. Volunteers are expected to engage the residents at all times and they have plenty of toys, puzzles, etc. to help you do just that. Mulherin Home allows students to serve seven days a week from 7am- 7pm so hours of service are very flexible. Students will need their own transportation (This is an approved site for Foley Center direct service) Jamie Yerby
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