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Inspired by Christs call to heal the sick, Victory Health Partners seeks to provide affordable quality care to the many thousands of uninsured adults in our Gulf Coast community. With a network of over 150 specialists ranging from cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists, etc., the barriers that once blocked the path of our patients recovery are now removed so that they have the ability to receive the care they need. Our patients may be the hairdresser who is uninsured and unable to afford the insulin for her diabetes; a small business owner who is unable to afford the high cost of healthcare for his employees and himself; many single parents struggling to pay rent and feed their children. Thanks to a generous community of individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations, Victory can respond to those in need today. Students are specially placed into service at Victory Health and their schedules are determined by the volunteer coordinator at the clinic. This is a very coveted service position and there is often a waiting list for this placement. If you are interested in serving at Victory Health email The Foley Center director with your request Students must have their own transportation. (This is an approved site for Foley Center direct service) Amy Browning
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