IndyKids Inc.



IndyKids was formed in June 2005, with the help of the New York City Independent Media Center, by a group of independent journalists, students, parents, teachers and activists. They recognized the need for progressive current events news to be presented in a way that would interest and engage young kids.

Since producing its first black and white issue in the fall of 2005, IndyKidshas grown into a vital current-events resource for teachers, parents and students. IndyKids currently produces 10,000 copies of every issue - and reaches kids in 36 states across the nation through more than 200 classroom and individual subscriptions. The search-able website receives 7,000 unique visitors each month.

Mission: IndyKids is a free newspaper that aims to educate children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire in children a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 7 in New York City and beyond.
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