Junior Achievement



Junior Achievement is an education non-profit helping K-12 students learn real world skills to create economic success. JA mentors step into the classroom to teach personal finance, work readiness and entrepreneurial skills.

Embody the heart of Junior Achievement

Taking a message of opportunity and economic understanding to a classroom in your community–no matter your profession, is JA in action.

Don't you wish that someone had taught you more about finances when you were growing up? Now there is someone: You. All we need is your enthusiasm, life experience and a willingness to teach children about how you took chances and shot for the stars.

Junior Achievement provides the training, curriculum and a classroom ready to meet you.Your commitment could vary from a single school day to a weekly visit of one hour each weeks. It all depends on the grade level of the program you choose. You can choose your classroom based on a number of factors. We're flexible!

Sustainable Development Goals
6 People | 1 Impact | 1 Hours | 11 Total Economic Impact

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