Aspire! Afterschool Learning



Aspire! Afterschool was founded in 1994 as Greenbrier Learning Center at the request of parents, teachers, and community members seeking after school tutoring and enrichment activities for the children of south Arlington.  The Arlington Community Foundation, the Greenbrier Baptist Church, and several local corporations partnered to create GLC, a non-sectarian independent 501(c)3 organization.

Aspire! Afterschool provides high-quality afterschool and summer learning programs that:
  • Serve young people in grades 3-5, critical transitional years in preparation for middle school, when students must strengthen their literacy and STEM skills or be left behind by their peers
  • Uniquely meet the needs of students in low-income communities who are often English Language Learners
  • Create seamless connections with schools, including providing volunteers to schools for support during the school day
  • Partner with families to support learning
  • Demonstrate results, including improved reading levels.
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