GW Residence Hall Assocation



The GW Residence Hall Association was founded in 1971 by alumnus Jerry Nadler. Since then, GW RHA has grown to be the second-largest student organization at GW. Responsible for advocacy, programming, and leadership development in the residence halls, the RHA has a budget to host events in the residence halls and is divided into Hall Councils for each building who are responsible for representing their building’s residents. Recently, the RHA has worked on the following campus-wide advocacy projects to improve the residential experience at GW:
  • iHousing, our online housing portal, was an initiative that began as a conversation between RHA and GW Housing
  • Gender Neutral Housing was an advocacy initiative pushed forward by RHA and the GW Student Association
  • @FixItComeFixIt, a Twitter account run by Facilities Services and aimed at providing improved customer service to on-campus residents, was created and initially operated by the RHA Facilities Committee
  • Welcome Home banners that now adorn all of the residence halls on campus were initially designed and proposed by RHA
  • GW’s seven-year renovation cycle, which will see all of the residence halls across campus receive major renovations, was initiated by a housing cost-comparison prepared by RHA and the GW Student Association
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