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Knowbility was founded by executive director Sharron Rush in 1999. Knowbility’s mission is to advocate for people with disabilities by ensuring that web-based applications are accessible and inclusive to all people. Knowbility values social inclusion, and believes that access to information is a right, not a privilege. Web accessibility is an important factor for people with disabilities, as technology has become ever more integrated into our daily lives. Technology and web-based applications have become a common tool in which people access social services, education/training,  buy goods, apply for jobs, and communicate with others. Without the ability to access the Internet or certain technologies, people with disabilities are not provided with an equal opportunity to thrive. Consequently, technology is also a way to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities in ways that once were unobtainable. Being able to access technology and information can increase independence, job skills, and socialization opportunities. Knowbility works with organizations, non-profits, companies, schools, and individuals to aid them in the process of making their web based applications and/or technology accessible.

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