Kids Corporation II



We operate after-school and summer academic programs in every ward of the City of Newark. We provide books, healthcare, school supplies, and field trips to thousands of children. Our programs are cost-effective and achieve tangible academic results.

Kids Corporation provides extra hours of academic instruction in an interactive and exciting environment. Through our network of donated resources, we remove barriers to learning, such as lack of supplies, poor health, and safety concerns.

Kids Corporation is an organization all about kids run in a corporate format. We bring the accountability standards of the business world to the non-profit venture of educating New Jersey?s neediest kids. We occupy donated office space, work within existing schools, and lease our camp for $1 a year. Eighty-nine percent of every dollar raised goes directly into program services for children. We receive no government money and are completely funded by corporate, foundation and individual grants.

Mission: Kids Corporation was founded 39 years ago to address the critical need for educational opportunity for children in Newark, NJ. Our mission is to create stimulating educational programs and thorough healthcare access for Newark's kids.
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