1687, Inc.



1687, Inc. organized in 1994. Our website www.1687.org has information about our work as well as music samples (on the press page). Our performances communicate with audiences in a new language borrowing from several art forms and styles. The works have been characterized as music (art/classical, and free jazz) theater, performance art, even stand-up comedy - Lenore Von Stein calls them "living paintings," because each performance, building on ideas and material developed in past performances, is one-of-a-kind. We are currently creating a TV series for Manhattan Neighborhood Network. In addition to the TV series we are developing a series of panel discussions on the value of art and the effects of culture, a film and a live performance work for music and dance, as well as a business blog chronicling the evolution of these projects and the organization as a whole. Our publicity stresses the relevancy (social issues) and richness of the productions.

Mission: 1687, Inc. is a 15-year-old non-profit organization. Our mission is to support the work of Lenore Von Stein and Company in their efforts to create music and art that stretches the possibilities of expression and encourages creative thinking.
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