Time Lapse Dance



Visual delight and kinetic spectacle are key elements to the Time Lapse Dance aesthetic. The work fuses past and present, the vintage and the avant-garde, by contemporizing such bygone treasures as the hypnotic fabric-and-light displays of modern-dance pioneer Loie Fuller. Dances re-imagining the swirling, sculptural style of Fuller form a core of the repertory. Other works draw on imagery culled from circus and music hall entertainments. As Time Lapse Dance envisions a true integration of choreography, music, and visual design, the company consists in a core roster of outstanding artists--from composers, musicians, designers and dancers--who contribute to each new project.

Mission: Time Lapse Dance was founded as the choreographic platform of Artistic Director Jody Sperling. Its mission is to forge imaginative connections between historical and contemporary dance through live performance, educational outreach and scholarship. The company endeavors: 1) to create new choreographic works on an on-going basis with a core roster of collaborative artists; 2) to present works at NYC seasons and through national/ international touring; 3) to promote educational programs including lectures, lec-dems and workshops; and 4) to publish (in print and other media) scholarly investigations.
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