Smothers Elementary School



Smothers Elementary seeks to build collegiality and collaboration among the staff and foster an environment where students love to come to school and teachers love to come to work. We place the highest priority on reading, writing, and math instruction to ensure that our students have the skills needed to be career and college ready. We provide targeted interventions and supports to meet students' academic and social-emotional needs as a means of developing the whole child. Smothers students will be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and productive citizens. We leverage the help of our community to make Smothers a great school because it is a school for the community.

Smothers Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Smothers Elementary guarantees that students reach their full potential and become their best selves through rigorous and exciting learning experiences provided in a safe and nurturing environment.

Smothers Vision

Smothers Elementary will be a beacon of hope for families East of the River. Our students will leave with a strong foundation that will enable them to have choices and opportunities in life.

Smothers Core Values




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