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CARE Community Center is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. CARE has been helping our community since June 14, 2013. We started with the premise that, "we believe no one should be hungry," which led to the creation of the Root Cellar Pantry. The pantry provides food once every calendar month to our neighbors living at 200% poverty or less. The pantry coupled with food outreach and nutrition education provides neighbors access to healthy foods and educational resources. CARE incorporated the Neighbor Network in order to provide holistic services to address the needs of the entire family. The Neighbor Network services work to unify the family and assist in setting goals to help them move from living life in crisis to personal and family sustainability. The Tax Center was a continuation of the VITA program started in 2005 by our director. The Tax Center utilizes our certified volunteers to not only prepare quality and accurate returns free, but also provide the taxpayers with an understanding of his or her taxes, building assets, and leveraging their tax refunds. With the current climate in workplace environment, the ability to navigate job opportunities has left some in our community lost and confused with the process for finding and/or keeping a job. Our Job Market program offers free workshops to help prepare our neighbors for finding, receiving, and maintaining gainful employment. The focus of the Job Market program is to help the neighbors gain skills they need, hone skills they have, or find resources to gain employment. The provided resources come from within CARE or a referral to either a partner or local agency. One of our core values is to strengthen our community through volunteerism. CARE matches neighbors with opportunities to share their talents and skills with others. This builds self-esteem, community involvement, and a support system for those that lack community ties.  
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