Veterinary Sciences Clinical III



TIME SHEETS: Time sheets will be used on a daily basis.  Experience setting will offer short breaks (usually lasting about 5 to 20 minutes),  federal law considers the breaks as compensable work hours that would be included in the sum of hours worked during the clinical work week. If working 7 hours or more Experience Setting will provide a minimum of a 30 minute break which are not considered work time and will not count for clinical site hours. All time must be approved and documented by Hospital Manager or Supervisor.

All students are required to use the time clock system to record their hours for clinicals/internship. Students are required to clock in and out for attendance purposes. Students should clock in no sooner than 5 minutes before or after the scheduled shift and clock out no later than 5 minutes before or after the scheduled shift. If the student has any changes to hours (clocking in early/late, staying over the required hours) for clocking into the timekeeping system, the student should notify the clinical coordinator faculty member by submitting a note on the timesheet. Students who repeatedly miss time clock entries will receive a poor score on participation. Students are permitted to work overtime only with prior authorization from their clinical site coordinator. Overtime includes clocking in early or late, working past their scheduled shift or working more than the required 6 hours a day for Clinical I/II.

Hours and days of Clinical I/II  can be modified only if approved by clinical site and instructor. All schedule must be submitted to instructor before the start of the rotation. Clock in and out must match the approved schedule or disciplinary action will be taken. This could be considered a absentee and possible dismissal of the program.

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