The College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists is dedicated to shedding light on the issues facing psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. CPNP's main goal is to spread awareness to the students and community. CPNP members organize events such as guest speakers in the field, posting social media blasts for awareness, participating in philanthropy walks, and participating in NAMI's mental illness awareness week. CPNP members also believe that fundraising for national nonprofit organizations that advocate for psychological and neurologic disorders can have a huge impact on awareness and improving the lives of those living with these conditions. Therefore, members have participated in fundraising for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Down Syndrome Association, Autism Association, and more. CPNP also advocates for a stigma free environment in our school and profession. Since the rate of mental disorders is increasing in the American population, CPNP also feels it be important to create a support system for its members, the college of pharmacy, and the community. As a unique feature of the UGA chapter, we organize mental health breaks for our members and friends. These events include movie nights, attending sporting events, adult coloring sessions, yoga in the park, and more! This allows us to take a break from stressful lives and bond with each other. By doing this, we have created an environment of support to benefit our own mental health while we advocate for mental health within the profession.