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Classroom Connections of ECI is looking for individuals to serve PreK-12th classrooms. We’re in the business of donating critical classroom supplies to classrooms so teachers can teach and learners can learn.

Do you want to become a #Classroom Connector? We connect donors, businesses and volunteers to underserved classrooms in need of essential supplies. Think pencils, paper, books and more. We help to close learning gaps, while addressing inequities that exist in our local classrooms. Teachers tell us each year that our volunteers are making significant, life changing classroom connections. Get Involved: Donate, Volunteer, and Tell Your Story! # Be a Classroom Connector.

Here's how YOU can be a Classroom Connector!

1. Be a Personal Shopper. A teacher or school sends Classroom Connections of ECI a request for supplies. We now have an online store just for preK-12th grade teachers. HOORAY for volunteers since they are key to filling a teacher's order for essential classroom supplies. At our location, a volunteer gets a blue shopping chart and a teacher's online request for supplies. Next, the volunteer with a blue shopping chart in one hand and the teacher's order in the other, pulls available products off our shopping aisles and shelves and puts donated items into a shopping bag. Once the order is filled and bags packed, the bags are put in our curbside ready room! 
2. Be a Greeter and In-Store Shopping Liaison. Sometimes volunteers are lucky enough to be on a shift when a teacher has scheduled their in-store shoping appointment. When this occurs, volunteers greet and check teachers in when they arrive, help teachers shop for donated items, and help load donated items in to their vehicles. Before a teacher leaves, we shout "Happy Teaching!" to them. You can be part of this tradition too! 

Yippee! Win-Win-Win! You get volunteer hours and a warm fuzzy feeling inside doing good. And this all happened just because YOU decided to become a #Classroom Connector. 

You can check to see the availability or gaps we have in our current volunteer shift 24/7 at the following weblink Check or schedule a volunteer time!

We currently serve:
Anderson Community Schools K-12
Burris Laboratory School
Boys and Girls Club
Cowan Community Schools K-12 
Daleville Community Schools K-12
Delaware Community Schools K-12
Destiny Christian Academy Daycare
Great Achievers - Muncie Public Library
Hazelwood Christian Preschool
Huffer Memorial Children's Center
Inspire Academy
Liberty-Perry Community Schools
Mattie's Little Bees
Mitchell YMCA Daycare
Motivate Our Minds
MP3 - Longfellow Program
Muncie Civic Theater
Muncie Community Schools PreK-12 
Natty's Treehouse Childcare
Randolph Community Schools
Ross Center
St. Michael School 
TRC Headstart 
United Day Care Center
Wes-Del Community Schools K-12
Yorktown Community Schools K-12
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