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Boys & Girls Club of Muncie- Buley Community Center



Clean Up Help:
Volunteers will need to wipe down tables after meals, sweep gym, take out and change trash, put tables in correct place for “Activity zones”, and dish washing. Volunteers will also be needed to organize classroom after the last homework hour (straightening library books, sweeping, changing trash)

Classroom Help:
We will need up to 10 volunteers during homework time to assist with homework guidance, review activities, and reading help. Homework help can include flashcards, timed reading prompts, and reading to groups of kids as well. This will also include computer lab assistants to instruct students to educational games. Volunteers can choose the K-3rd homework assistants, 4th-middle, or both! We need volunteers to guide students with their homework and not just give them answers. A lot of our students know how to do the work, they just need a little guidance and support to get them through it.

Activity Zones Help:
Volunteers will be needed to work one of the 4 stations during activity zone. Volunteers will also be needed during this time to assist with any remaining students who will be finishing homework. Volunteers will be needed to lead arts and crafts station, monitor arcade station,assist and play board games in the challenge zone. These volunteers will also be in charge of putting up remaining tables and chair in order to clear gym for                                                            

Gym Activities:
Independent volunteers Volunteers will be needed to plan and participate in gym activities. Volunteers will also plan and monitor outside activities when weather permits.
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