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At BY5, our mission of getting kids Kindergarten ready extends to the whole community. We value meeting families where they already are, rather than requiring them to come to us at a set time of day/day of the week. To that end, we often partner with other organizations--where families already congregate on their own terms--to help these organizations better support families. Our Ready Set Read program encapsulates this perfectly. We send volunteer storytellers (who receive a one-time, 45 minute training + a background check) to existing community locations and events to read stories to children. We have done Ready Set Read events at existing community festivals, at laundromats and parks, as well as partnering with local pre-school and day care facilities to enhance their existing program with a Ready Set Read story time. At the end of the story time, all children attending receive a book. If you love books, children, grassroots community participation, and making a difference, the Ready Set Read program might be a good fit for you.
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