Upward Bound



Volunteers will assist students with homework and study skills in all high school subjects, according to their abilities. Less frequently, they may also assist with SAT/ACT prep, student job applications, and student college / scholarship applications if needed. Volunteers will serve as role models and strive to have a positive impact on Upward Bound students, most of whom are low-income, potential first-generation college students, or academically at-risk. This program is designed to help marginalized or otherwise struggling students to succeed in high school and better prepare for college. Our students are wonderful, kind, and hard-working, and they deserve empathy, compassion, and understanding. If you believe you have the skills to tutor students in a variety of high school subjects and give them needed encouragement and positive reinforcement, this may be a great program for you. All volunteers should be comfortable and reasonably knowledgeable about working with marginalized communities, including students in poverty, students of color, and LBGTQ+ students.
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