Coaching support group



This group aims to encourage the teaching and practice of individual - profissão coach geronimo, or collective coaching, always aiming at the best practices of the theme.

We know that coaching more than ever, is present in all sectors of our lives and acts as a key performance factor in everything.

So feel free to share your ideas and invite friends.

Also know that in this community you can show your works, events and other materials related to the theme.
We are in an open community for better innovation and mutual growth.

See a testimonial of a guy who already participate in this support

"I've been a public servant for 14 years and I'm not happy about what I do. I have my profession as a lawyer for the Union and I asked for exemption (I can not go back to being what I was) and I will do it.
Yes, I am coach, I live coaching and very close to the prospect of coaching for 2018, I want to talk about in 2017 and I was very into coaching and I will talk about ourselves as I think.
Whether you are or not, you need to be aware of the end of when giving your opinion, you see statistical basing in numbers.
Good ... Circling in 2017 a clown-faced image saying that coaching is a profession that did not work ... The coach is a guy who helps a person do anything, things like that.

So, a group of executives interviewed that in their opinion is what most impacts on the career, what else makes the difference itself is executive coaching.
Another research I might be interesting is a subject of the Exam.
The article talks about Ernst Young, one of the world's largest, most respected and renowned coaching companies.
Ernst Young decided that all her leaders would be trained as Coaches, over a thousand leaders would receive Coaching training, so they could act as Coaches of their own.

And more than that, there is a pharmacist, Libbs, who has hired 4 Coaches (full time) to improve the company's number.
They have reduced the number of churns... for those who do not know, it is very costly for an entrepreneur to be changing employees and therefore has greatly reduced the number of layoffs and increased the number of employees engaged in organizational climate research.

Usually, I believe, most people do it with good intentions.
They believe they are doing good by saying that, and they are right."