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Who We Are The Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Disabled Adults Program provides volunteer limited guardian services for elderly, mentally ill, and intellectual/developmentally disabled individuals 18 years and older who are in nursing homes, group homes, and supported living homes in Wayne, Union, and Fayette Counties. The at-risk individuals served by Achieva's Volunteer Guardianship Program are incapable of representing or protecting their own best interest and are without family or guardian involvement to help them make decisions.Achieva Resources advocates for seniors and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide guardianship services to individuals who are not able to make medical or advocacy decisions for themselves. Our volunteer's are asked to visit these individuals a minimum of 4 hours per month and complete a simple report monthly. We ask that the volunteer become their friend and enhance their quality of life. What We Do Achieva Resources empower children and adults with disabilities to achieve greater personal, social and economic successes through our advocacy and guardianship programs. Our vision is for "All individuals with disabilities in our programs to lead a safe, dignified and independent life with quality healthcare from the support of caring and compassionate volunteers and service providers."The Volunteer Advocates for Seniors (VAS) and Disabled Adults Program began in 2013 as an effort to address the health care and social services needs the ever increasing population of seniors and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals living in Wayne, Union, and Fayette Counties. Achieva resources has been able to help over 150 individuals in need of medical, advocacy, health and safety services, and guardianships.
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