Diplomas Day Care



Who We Are We provide affordable, developmentally appropriate child care for the children of teen mothers, enabling them to attend high school full time.DIPLOMAS can serve up to 52 teen parents and 26 babies per semester. By providing childcare and support services to teen parents, this program allows them to stay in school and work towards graduating with a diploma.Founded in 1995 to fight the cycle of poverty associated with high rates of teen pregnancy and high school dropouts, DIPLOMAS has had spectacular outcomes.Only 12 of the 216 teen mothers served have been removed from the program because of second pregnancies.None of the 217 babies (including one set of twins) has failed to thrive.Only one of the 432 parents has been referred for neglect while in the program and one for abuse. Neither charge was substantiated.Fewer than 7 percent of graduates receive public assistance. The county average for unsupported local teen moms on welfare is 40 percent.Nearly 95 percent of participating mothers improved grades and attendance.Only 6.5 percent of participants who stayed in Richmond and should have graduated haven't yet.   What We Do DIPLOMAS stands for Developing Independent Parents Leading On to Matriculation And Success, and is an in-school child care program for teen parents.

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