Joseph Moore Museum of Science and Nature



The JMM is a thriving place focused on forging connections among science, nature, and society. We strive to combine the strengths of our natural history collections, the scholarly research of Earlham College faculty, and the passions of our museum faculty and ~20 undergraduate student staff into engaging community programs and exhibits. Our mission is to inspire learners of all ages to connect with and appreciate nature, including the ancient world and its people, using a scientific lens. The Joseph Moore Museum (JMM) is the regional science and natural history museum for eastern Indiana. First publicly opened in 1887, the JMM is a non-profit organization located in Richmond, Indiana on the campus of Earlham College. We have 4,000 visitors annually of all ages, including toddlers through grandparents. All museum services, ranging from general admission to guided tours and school field trip programs are available to the public free of charge.
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