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Who We Are Whitewater Community Television (WCTV) operates three channel on the local Comcast cable system (WGTV, Channel 11, WETV, Channel 20 and WCTV, Channel 21). Our government programming is also streamed live and government meetings are available on Video on Demand. Our educational channel programs are made available on You Tube for residents who don't have cable available to them. By providing gavel to gavel live and recorded coverage of local government meetings we help provide transparency in government. We assist local residents with the knowledge to create their own programs on topics that interest them that they want to share with the community. When possible we assist local government committees and organization as well as educational institutions with the ability to provide informative, enlightening and entertaining programming to the community. We help train local residents in the use of camera and editing equipment so that they can create their own programs sharing with the community their talent and passion. In doing so, we also help support and provide a place for free speech in Wayne County. What We Do Whitewater Community Television was formed in 1988 by local community members to provide Public, Education and Government access television to Wayne County. We help provide local government transparency, we help inform, education and entertain community members with information (mainly, but not totally) about Wayne County and we help provide a place for free speech in Wayne County. Whitewater Community Television is a 501c3 not-for-profit, non-commercial Public, Education and Government (PEG) access center located on the campus of Indiana University East.
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