H.O.O.P. Foundation (Holistic Offerings & Opportunity for People)



Our approach is a comprehensive approach using effective techniques and strategies that direct atrisk young people to positive alternatives. Through a referral network of linkages with churches, courts, police, other juvenile justice agencies, schools, social service agencies and community organizations, as well as through direct outreach efforts, youth are recruited and mainstreamed into programs as a diversion from gang activity and recidivism. HOOP aims to enrich the lives of girls and boys whom other youth agencies have had difficulty reaching. HOOP provides a tangible measure of hope. HOOP offers young people what they "need most" - mentoring; and what they "want most" - adults who respect and listen to them, a safe environment where they can be themselves and have interesting, constructive activities that channel their energy into challenging pursuits.

Mission: The Holistic Offering & Opportunity People (HOOP) - Mentoring Program seeks to be at the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social and family circumstances.
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