NOWCastSA is a nonprofit news organization a lot like a local C-Span or public television on the Internet. Our nonprofit mission is to promote and facilitate an inclusive civic conversation, creating knowledge so people and organizations can make better informed choices.

NOWCastSA is very fortunate to have offices inside San Antonio Public Library, because Director Ramiro Salazar believes we are in the same business of empowering people with information. (more here)

Our partnership with the library was the focus of a recent article in Poynter: Welcome to your local library, which also happens to be a newsroom.

NOWCastSA democratizes data through mobile-friendly, interactive maps to everything from polling places to free WiFi; we partner with the library on digital inclusion initiatives, we offer workshops in digital media literacy (or as we prefer to call it, Crap Detection, 101), we increase public access to lifelong learning and civic engagement through live, mobile-friendly webcasts and an archive of video recordings, originating at library branches and across the community, and we collect and map and document oral histories of people and institutions.

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