Car-ynne 4 Kids-Hippotherapy



Organization Description: Hippotherapy (HPOT) is a treatment technique that uses the multidimensional movements of a horse to facilitate improved function for the client/rider. The horse's walk provides sensory input through movement; this input simulates the movement pattern of a human's pelvis when walking. This treatment can improve balance, posture, strength, mobility, endurance, tonal abnormalities, sensory integration, and overall function. It also positively impacts the client's cognitive, behavioral, and communication skills. Hippotherapy uses activities on the horse that are meaningful to the client. Each treatment session is a hands-on approach by the therapist, while others are leading the horse and guiding the child's movements as needed. Why the term “hippo” therapy? Hippo comes from the Greek word “hippos”, which means horse.

Project Description: Volunteers are the heart and soul of each therapy session. Horse leaders and side walkers are needed for each treatment. It is helpful to have some knowledge about horses, however it is not essential. Volunteers go through a training session to educate them on policies and procedures. Safety is the top priority at all times and all staff must adhere to the safety regulations. Volunteers are always needed for classes, as well as to assist with horse training, horse care, and stall cleaning.