Community Health Project: Colorado Black Health Collaborative – Barbershop/Salon Health Outreach Program



Organization Description: The Colorado Black Health Collaborative is a community-based organization that is committed to improving health and wellness in Colorado's Black, African, and African American communities through collaborations, partnerships, and teaming arrangements with community-based organizations, non-profits, public organizations, private entities and government agencies. The mission of the Colorado Black Health Collaborative is to achieve health equity in Colorado's Black community.

Project Description: Since February 2012 The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) has operated the Barbershop/Salon Health Outreach Program, and collaborated with a number of community partners. We are currently working with 12 barbershops and salons in the Denver Metro area to provide on-site health literacy education and screenings. The major features of our outreach include screening for hypertension and diabetes, along with health education on a variety of topics including hypertension, diabetes, proper diet, exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke, and others. We have referred the uninsured to the Inner City Health Center, a clinic for the uninsured.