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Catholic Community For Animals USA


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For this site please contact the site supervisor listed below to schedule your service. Be sure to register your hours in GivePulse once complete. 

Agency Contact

Professor Mariann Smith


Nature and Purpose of Agency

The CCA-USA was founded to Create, Connect and Advocate for those with no voice. We are inspired by Roman Catholic teaching fostering care and compassion for all creatures yet we connect with all religious traditions that share our mission and values. We have a Francis Fund that offers financial assistance to the poor and marginalized. These funds are primarily reserved for veterinary and food costs but can be dispensed for other related conditions as needed.  We strive to create awareness through education about the suffering of animals. We are actively involved in political issues that serve to eradicate suffering and cruel treatment of all of God's creation.  We connect and advocate with others for the rights and welfare of all creatures and the environment. 


Tasks Available for Students
Volunteers are needed for various tasks including local event coordination (Bake sales and other events to replenish depleted funds and raise awareness) organizing and executing food donation drive for local shelters, social media coordination, fundraising, video production, web design, marketing and brochure design, TNR coordination/management and other activities as they become available. Activity suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.


Time Requirements    



Student Awareness/Special Instructions

This is a project driven site and there are no specific hours/days except where events are scheduled. Students will be required to join the groups closed Facebook page where all events/projects are listed and organized.

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