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Change for Kids


For this site please contact the site supervisor listed below to schedule your service. Be sure to register your hours in GivePulse once complete.


Agency Contact:

Zareta Ricks

Volunteer Manager


110 East 23rd Street, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10010



Office: (212) 213-8061


Nature and Purpose of Agency

Change for Kids believes a strong elementary school experience sets students on the path to college and career success. We partner with exceptional elementary school leaders in high-poverty New York City communities to provide targeted program, volunteer and leadership support.


Tasks Available for Students

Change for Kids is seeking energetic volunteers for their innovative reading and math tutoring program. This tutoring program allows volunteers to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with students while helping them master areas of difficulty.  The focus of their tutoring programs is on literacy (including comprehension, fluency and vocabulary) and math (number sense and operations).  Additionally, Change for Kids will run additional programs on the weekends for families and the community to participate in involving sports, arts and crafts, and more.


Time Requirements

Volunteer who would like to assist with an event must contact Ms. Ricks three weeks in advance.  The event calendar can be found in the AS-L Office at the front desk.


Other Requirements
Students need to be fingerprinted. CFK Staff will help facilitate this process for volunteers.


Directions – varies by location

SB 2/5/19

6 People | 2 Impacts | 4 Hours

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