Nature and Purpose of Agency
Founded in 1978, the YWCA of Queens (YWCAQ) is a leading nonprofit recognized for providing innovative and measureable improvements for individuals and families in Queens. Under the broader mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, our focus is to empower the community through educational opportunities, skills and resource attainment in our main program areas: Pre-GED and GED, Adult Literacy, Women to Work, Afterschool, Social Services and arts and culture programs. With 2 sites in Flushing and Jamaica, the majority of our students and members are immigrants who need culturally accommodating and language appropriate services.

Tasks Available for Students & Time Commitment
The YWCAQ offers service learning opportunities across our youth and adult education programs in the form of administrative and teacher assistants. All volunteers are expected to arrive on time and adhere to our organizational policies. Students who show up late to their service assignments will not receive credit for the day. Should there be conflicts with your day of service and/or arrival please notify your assigned supervisor 24 hours before any schedule changes.


High School Equivalency (HSE)
Our High School Equivalency (HSE) program provides interactive and engaging preparation classes that cover the five subject areas of the official HSE examination for all students over 18 years old. Students in the program receive extensive academic support and attention to ensure maximum academic growth. The program is student-focused and aims to help participants achieve their academic and career goals through holistic education and individual development. Service Learners will have the opportunity to assist instructors or students in our Adult Education Classes. These classes are preparing students to take their GED (TASC) exam. Please note that for this program assignment volunteers may complete their hours per session or in one full 6 hour day.

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