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Green Lifestyles, a solutions-based, non-profit organization, answers your questions and concerns about living in synergy with your environment. Green Lifestyles provides opportunities to get involved, affect change, be heard, and influence others for the benefit of all living beings through our website, Green Lifestyles TV, the Green Lifestyles International Film Festival, as well as our partners and supporters. We provide sustainable living recommendations, projects, products, business opportunities from our partners and sponsors as well as information on health, home, beauty, recreation and all other environmental issues.

Media has stopped being a public service. To challenge this, Green Lifestyles through its international film festival, multimedia website and Internet TV station has positioned itself as the public voice to a worldwide audience. Effectively communicating green lifestyle alternatives through this website, our TV station and the international film festival is "the" challenge we embrace at Green Lifestyles as we look to end the chemical dumb-down of society.

Mission: We provide information, advocacy and opportunities for the average person, businesses, corporations and NGOs to become part of greener solutions using our most powerful tool...the media. Green responds to detrimental media messages by offering an eco-conscious multimedia platform where sustainable solutions to LIFE, health, home, beauty, recreation and the outer as well as inner environment are advanced.
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