South Bay Literacy Council



Because we believe literacy is life-changing and empowering, we volunteer to teach adults to read, write, and speak English for free.

Since 1981, our dedicated tutors and volunteers have been making a difference. Our students are able to get better jobs, read a simple bedtime story to their children, and often achieve higher education. We are a non-profit, all-volunteer, all adult (over age 18) group affiliated with ProLiteracy America.

We offer three programs:
1) English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors help non-English speaking adults to speak, read and write English;
2) Literacy for English Speakers (LES) tutors help English speaking adult learners improve reading and writing skills; and3) Computer-Aided Literacy (CAL) tutors reinforce learning with computer programs specifically designed to enhance literacy.

The council relies solely on private sector donations and receives no government funding.

There is an urgent, ongoing need for more volunteers for tutoring and for management support. We provide the training. Be part of the solution and make a real difference in someone's life.
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