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Young Ladies With Potential Inc has served over 5000 teenage girls since 1990. 100% of our members graduate from High School. 90% go to a 4 Year University, 7% go to the Community College and the remaining 3% go to a Vocational or Trade School.

Young Ladies With Potential C.A.M.P Program (c) 2013

YLWP understand that girls need individualized attention a stragetically implemented program that catering to the needs of our participants but also the community.

COUNSELING- We provide counseling and outreach to our program participants. With peer discussion group, clincial therapist referral services and one-on-one meetings to assist member needs.

ADVOCACY - We believe that getting our participants involved in the community. With assisting seniors, homeless shelters, eviromental clean ups, and food distribution is essential to empower our youth but most importantly get tomorrow leader involved in the community where the live and the surrounding neighborhood.

MENTORING - We mentor our members personally and professionally. If a student needs help with homework we tutor. If a member needs help with college enrollment we assist. When a participant needs wants to be a doctor we partner then up with doctors. YLWP understands that every visionary needs a vision. So, we provide real life solutions and mentorship for our ALL Young Ladies With Potential members.

PREVENTION - Alot of issues are preventable such as; pregnancy, diabetes (some types), illiteracy, gang violence and suicide just to name a few. We believe that awareness is essential to prevent what we call preventable causes.

Mission: Young Ladies With Potential Inc is a mentoring program for teenage girls between the ages 11-19 years. YLWP has been proudly serving the community for over 20 years. Our main objective is to transform the young ladies you see today into properous women of tomorrow. YLWP Inc success is directly attributed to the C.A.M.P Program (c) 2013 (Counseling, Advocacy, Mentoring and Prevention).
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