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San Antonio Botanical Garden




The San Antonio Botanical Garden's mission is to inspire people to connect with the plant world and understand the importance of plants in our lives.  Engaging cultural activities, practical community classes, inspiring children's camps, dynamic school programs, critical endangered plant research efforts, and diverse and spectacular plant collections educate visitors to the many roles that plants play in our lives.

Recognized nationally for commitment to outstanding displays, botanical diversity, education, environmental stewardship, and experiences that connect people to the natural world, the Garden is a top San Antonio attraction that serves as a museum of plants, a tranquil escape, a living classroom, a research and conservation facility, and entertainment venue where art, architecture, music, and theater experiences come to life for more than 150,000 annual visitors, including 50,000 children. Hundreds of volunteers provide a beautiful and engaging environment for children and adults to experience the world of plants and nature, learning practical ways to care for our environment.

Chartered in 1980, the Garden has added over $40 million in major capital improvements and expansion of the Garden is continuing through 2019.

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Hi Michelle!

To see current volunteer opportunities, you can click the join button, and it will ask you for some background information. You can also e-mail me at and I can get you set up :)
Hi! I'm trying to sign up for volunteer opportunities at the SA Botanical Gardens. This message board is all that pops up...can't find an application to fill out. I've not used the platform before so if I missed where that application is I apologize.
Anticipating miracles,
Michelle Meyer