Q Youth Foundation



Q Youth Foundation is a newly found non-profit organization created to provide outreach for LGBTQ Youth.

The idea began as a need to provide a safe place for the underserved LGBTQ youth communities East of Los Angeles.

The project was officially launched by July of 2013 - but had been building a solid devoted team of artists, educators, musicians, accountants, non-profit sector advisors, and business entrepreneurs since 2012.

We are providing a safe place for youth and their allies to become leaders and be able to express themselves without any judgement or scrutiny. We are providing classes that are free over the summer to give kids tools to express their individuality with art and music - to build self esteem and leadership skills and learn ways to maneuver bullying. We want to have an open forum for parents and assist them with questions they may have about supporting their loved ones.

We are passionate and dedicated and want you to join us in supporting Q Youth Foundation. Thank you,Ana BernalQ Youth Foundation, Founder

Mission: Q Youth Foundation is an organization that assists LGBTQ youth by creating a safe space for youth by offering resources, education and outreach for those in the under-served LGBTQ community.
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