Parkinson's Association of Los Angeles



Founded in 2011, The Parkinsons Association of Los Angeles (formerly the Southern California Movement Disorder Society) is a nonprofit volunteer group comprised of healthcare professionals committed to improving the daily functionality and quality of life of those living with Parkinsons disease. Our physicians are fellowship trained in movement disorders and our speakers are leading experts in their respective healthcare fields. The board of directors, which governs the organization, plans outreach and educational activities including support groups, educational programs for patients and physicians, resources and curricula, and the annual symposium. The Foundation does not have an operational budget; funding for all programs and activities comes solely from grants, sponsorships and public donations.

As many as one million people live with Parkinson's in the United States alone, and approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed every year. Many more cases go undetected and undiagnosed. Once a patient is diagnosed, it is imperative for them to be educated to understand the disease, its symptoms, progression, and treatment options. The San Gabriel Valley has one of the largest populations of residents over the age of 65 years old in Los Angeles County, yet there are only two neurologists trained in movement disorders in the San Gabriel Valley. There is a dire need for the community to obtain a greater awareness of the "gold standard" methodology of diagnosis and treatment by trained movement disorder specialists and professionals experienced in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Additionally, there are no other nonprofit Parkinson's organizations within a 10.5 mile radius of our Pasadena location. The Parkinsons Association of Los Angeles provides essential education, caregiver support, and access to community resources to patients in the San Gabriel Valley, in addition to developing quality content for support groups and organizing events that simulate social activity and foster peer-to-peer support networks. As travel can be difficult for Parkinsons patients, it is critical that these resources be available close to home.

Mission: Our mission is to educate the community, increase awareness, improve the quality of neurological care and assist physicians in finding a cure for movement disorders and dementia.
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