Door of Hope Community Center



Doof of Hope Community Center provides the community with many social services. For youth, the WIA Title I program that provides basic skills and job development, GED assistance, and placement services. In addition, the center houses a food bank, a gym and computer lab for the entire community to enjoy. Moreover, the center provides case management and counseling services in anger management, teen pregnancy substance abuse intervention, etc. Furthermore, Door of Hope serves as a training ground by providing local college interns and court-appointed community service volunteers with a great work experience.

Mission: Door of Hope community Center "Where Hope Becomes Reality" services youth, adults, seniors and the disabled residing in the surrounding East Los Angeles communities. The facility is a full-resource community center for over 25 years. Although we serve mostly a Latino population, we have always and will continue to serve all ethniciites in the East Los Angeles and surrounding communitities of Los Angeles County.
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