The Pasadena Village



The Pasadena Village is a network of people 55 and over who wish to remain independent as they age without becoming isolated from their community. The Village provides access to services, as well as educational and social programs and events to keep its members engaged and informed about local resources. Village members meet often to enjoy cultural activities together, such as movies or plays, and simply to socialize over coffee. The Village also hosts events with local speakers and plans trips to nearby museums and natural wonders. Village members form affinity groups around shared interests, which have resulted in walking groups and book clubs. And members have access to a wealth of pre-screened volunteers and service providers: one call to the Village office is all it takes.

Mission: Pasadena Village is a membership organization connecting people aged 55 and over to programs, services, and cultural activities that enable them to enjoy safe, healthy, satisfying, and fruitful lives while remaining in their homes.
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