Save A Rescue, Inc.



To have the best, largest, most up-to-date Dog Rescue Organization Directory, Shelter listings, Local Dog Service Directory & Breed Profiles.

We have all the Pet Industry & Pharmaceutical Corporations on board to advertise & sponsor us. 85% of all revenues gleaned from Corporate Sponsorship will be funneled to worthy Rescue Organizations [15% will be used for Internet Staff & Marketing/Branding offline efforts]. 100% of all donations and grants will be given to Rescue Organizations.

We will be The Agency for Rescue Organizations nationwide, totally free to them [15,000+].

Our focus is to 'shine the light' on Rescue Organizations who work tirelessly every day to 'pull' & save the lives of dogs that would otherwise become part of the 11,000 dogs/cats euthanized in Shelters every 24 hours.

Staff here at Save A has over 30+ years in Television & the Pet Industry and won global awards for launching new pet products.

Your volunteering is needed, especially homebound volunteers, to upload all information on Rescue Organizations & Shelters, [20,000+ combined] Local Dog Services nationwide & Breed Profile info.

Our goal is to have the most current, largest directory of Rescue Organizations, and we need help inputting information.

We would like to launch these 2 websites:

within 3 weeks.

We will also be taking submissions for our Rescue Dogs "Save A Rescue Hollywood Productions" for booking Rescue Dogs in TV & Film.

Mission: Save A will be a free Agency Marketing/Branding and Funding worthy Dog Rescue Organizations Nationwide.
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