American YouthWorks



American YouthWorks is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Austin, Texas that is dedicated to empowering youth through education and green jobs training. We operate a public charter high school, a GED program, and three green jobs training and service programs: Casa Verde Builders, Health Corps, and Media Corps. For more than thirty years, American YouthWorks has assisted thousands of local youth in transforming their lives through community service, education, and a commitment to preserving the natural environment.

American YouthWorks welcomes volunteers who can share their skills and talents with our students. In addition to working with students on an academic subject, speaking with our young people about your work experience is a great way to expose them to a variety of career options. Your presence and insight into the professional world can make an important difference in helping them select a future career.

Volunteer Opportunities: (Note: All volunteers must pass a background check) before they are able to work with our students.)

- Become a mentor (Must commit Must commit one hour per week for six weeks)
- Provide a "job shadowing" experience for a youth
- Tutor and help prepare students for testing (Must commit one hour per week for six weeks)
- Offer an internship
- Speak in a class about your career or area of expertise
- Help out with a special event (Help Clifford Help Kids, Graduation, etc.)
- Provide a workshop for students or teachers
- Assist with administrative tasks
- Translate newsletters, flyers, and other materials into Spanish as needed
- Help with technical/computer support for staff- Assist with a service learning project

Corporate Opportunities:Your company and your employees can make a contribution to American YouthWorks both financially and through volunteer work.

Together you can:
- Make a donation to support our programs and services
- Adopt a class and work with our students as tutors
- Complete necessary maintenance at one of our campuses or worksites during a weekend- Sponsor and volunteer with a Casa Verde or Environmental Corps crew at their work site

If we do not have an existing volunteer opportunity that suits your company needs or capabilities, we may be able to work with you to create a program that will be a positive experience for your employees and our students.

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