Casa Libre/Freedom House, Homeless Youth Shelter



The Casa Libre/Freedom House has fourteen beds for resident minors. The program offers a range of services, including case management, educational testing and placement, referrals to no-cost health care providers, drug and alcohol prevention programs, family reunification services, living skills and leadership workshops, free legal services, and cultural activities. The program focuses on minors without homes, and has a history of providing services to immigrant and refugee children, including unaccompanied minors. The Casa Libre/Freedom House currently offers two distinct but related programs: An emergency shelter program available to residents for up to three months, and a long-term living skills program available for up to two years (extendable in appropriate cases to three years). The emergency shelter program focuses on providing emergency services for a maximum of 90 days, including shelter at the Casa Libre/Freedom House, emergency case management, immediate efforts at family reunification, educational testing, identifying and addressing urgent medical needs, investigation of areas in which legal services are needed, etc. The transitional living program provides long-term shelter, case management, education guidance and tutoring, job training, further family reunification efforts, medical and mental health care as needed, cultural activities, independent living skills workshops, and leadership training workshops The program was founded and is directed by CHRCL, Inc. President Peter Schey, and administrated by Program Coordinator Ehecatl Rojas. The program provides coverage for youth residents 7 days per week 24-hours per day with a staff of Shelter Managers and Youth Workers. The staff is bilingual in English and Spanish and experienced in the delivery of social services. The program strives to reach youth of diverse backgrounds, including ethnic diversity, sexual orientation, and children with physical disabilities. Services are provided to youth without homes regardless of immigration status.

Mission: The Casa Libre/Freedom House is a historic mansion purchased by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in 1996. Registered as a county, state and federal historic site, this 10,000 square foot gated Gothic mansion is located in the Pico Union district of Los Angeles, close to a wide range of non-profit organizations providing community-based social services. Since being purchased, the Casa Libre/Freedom House has been renovated with updated plumbing, electrical systems, ADA compliance, fire-alarm system, etc. Two major components of the program are (1) the provision of emergency shelter services, available for three months after a minor enters the home, and (2) the provision of long-term transitional living services.
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