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Volunteers enhance the La Mirada community in a variety of ways. Volunteers assist staff during city wide special events such as Haloweenfest, Chili Holiday, All That Dance, Mother-Daughter Tea, Father-Daughter Dance and the Easter Event. Volunteers are also needed for the Helping Hands program, which caters to residents in the community who are seniors, low-income, or disabled. Helping Hands volunteers spend one Saturday a month at a resident's home, helping the resident keep up the property and spending time with the resident.

Mission: The "Volunteers in Action" program is coordinated by the City's Community Services Department. The La Mirada Community Services Department works to involve the whole La Mirada community to anticipate trends in recreational, educational, and social service needs, then responds with timely, well thought-out programs, services, classes, and events developed by staff and community members working together. The "Volunteers in Action" program mission is to place volunteers in City facilities and in City-run programs to expand and enhance the services provided to the residents of La Mirada. The volunteer's role is to benefit the community by assisting City staff and enhancing City services. Volunteers should enjoy a satisfying service experience while helping the City improve the lives of its residents. The "Volunteers in Action" program seeks to: Provide opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in and make a meaningful contribution to the operations of the City of La Mirada. Provide volunteers with a positive, pleasant service experience that benefits the community. Build public awareness of the operation of local government. Develop closer ties with the community. Increase the effectiveness of paid staff. Expand and improve City services to the community.
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