Pathways To Your Future



Pathways To Your Future is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit that is located in South Los Angeles. Through our Pathways to Success Emergency and Transitional Housing Program we seek to transform the lives of individuals, youth and families, many of whom come to us in destitute straights, into economically self-sufficient and productive members of our community. We do this through a combination of housing, education, counseling, and other group dynamics. Our services include an array of programs for transitional age youth, including case management, mental health services, access to physical health care, strategies, educational services, gang intervention and prevention, courses in independent living, anger management skills development, alcohol and drug prevention, sober living skills, relapse prevention, job preparation and training, employment opportunities, peer mentoring, financial literacy, parenting classes, HIV/AIDS education, family support services, transportation services, and domestic violence groups and referrals. These services are offered based on our vision of giving young people hope for the future by giving them an idea of how to get from where they are now to where they would like to be.

Pathways To Your Future is unique in many ways from other organizations with similar missions. Youth participants are referred to us by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Star View Community Service, the State of California Department of Juvenile Justice, by Gang Intervention Workers, from the Los Angeles County Probation Department, and from other homeless referral agencies for participation in our program. These agencies make these referrals with full confidence in our ability to provide meaningful intervention in the lives of the youth they send us. These young adults, who come to us, come from homeless backgrounds, many suffering mental health challenges. PTYF has an excellent reputation for engaging these individuals, as well as their families, from the beginning of their journey with us by enticing them to "buy in" to our approach. Immediately gaining the confidence of newly engaged participants has been and continues to be critical to our success. Pathways To Your Future actively involves our residents in local neighborhoods and communities in which we operate. Our residents are provided meaningful ways to contribute to the local community and in return, community leaders and residents become actively involved in their lives, providing positive role models who provide necessary guidance and support.

Mission: Our Mission: to provide comprehensive education, health and human services to underserved individuals, youth and families to reduce homelessness while promoting their development and enriching the communities of Los Angeles County
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