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Women Empowerment (W.E)




The purpose of Women Empowerment is to create an intimate space where women (and men) can gather, network and share resources. Our purpose is to inspire each other to revive old goals, make new goals and to help each other achieve them. Every woman that is a member W. E. or leaves an event hosted by W. E. should feel that their voice matters. W. E. is here to collide our voices together as a group to make a change in society by addressing areas of inequality between men and women in the world and to speak out against them.

Benefits in this group is to make a difference not only on Ball State’s campus but also locally and globally by engaging in organizations such as A Better Way (Muncie), YWCA (Muncie), The Purse Project (Indianapolis), and The Girl Project (global). W. E. will host events and meetings to spread awareness on issues regarding women and make people actually think about the problems against women today instead of remaining quiet. W. E. is about helping reach out to women in need by donating items, raising money, and volunteering our time. W. E. is about teaching women networking skills to get ahead in the business world. W. E. is about inter-sectional feminism. W. E. is about having a voice and loving one another, and most importantly loving yourself.

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