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Wimberly's Roots



Wimberly's Roots is a non-profit focused on improving food security in the Winder, Georgia community. We are located in the innovative Wimberly Center within the old Winder Barrow Middle School and a USDA identified food desert. Wimberly's Roots' own work centers on enhancing the “four pillars” of food security—availability, access, utilization, and stability—within our community. To do this Wimberly's Roots is utilizing the grounds surrounding the WCCD in several ways. First, we are creating a children's learning garden, orchard, and classroom in conjunction with the onsite Boys and Girls Club, which will be used for agricultural and environmental educational programming for all ages. Second, we are installing a community garden and pavilion so that community residents can have a space to grow their own gardens and enjoy a communal space. Third, we are directly seeking to improve availability and access to fresh, nutritious food through a sustainable production garden. This latter space will also be used in educational programming, but the outputs of this production garden will be made available to the surrounding community at a reduced cost as well as supply the other half of Wimberly's Roots' work to address food insecurity. The second half of our work includes utilizing the old school cafeteria as a catered and rent-able event space, as well as providing affordable family-style lunches to the community twice a week. Additionally, Wimberly's Roots is in the process of converting the school's old media center into a demonstration kitchen and classroom to enrich the knowledge base and skill set related to nutrition and the culinary arts. By coupling our nutritional, culinary, agricultural, and environmental educational programming directly to efforts to produce fresh fruit, vegetables, and ready nutritious meals, we hope to create a stable and sustainable foundation on which the food security of our community can rest. We have a lot of work to do and could use your help!
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Dennis Simmons, I am trying to register to volunteer with Wimberly I came and helped Thursday I need help registering would you please respond I’ll give me a call 863-443-6452 thank you tie
Good morning Ty,
I am wondering if we are going to be gardening today.