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Wimberly’s Roots is a non-profit organization and outreach project that addresses many of the fundamental challenges facing our community. Our nutrition, culinary, agriculture, and environmental education programming is coupled directly in efforts to provide accessible fresh foods and ready, nutritious meals to those who need them. We are seeking to directly improve availability and access to fresh, nutritious food through a sustainable community farm. This is used as an educational and working space to understand everything about organic farming practices of locally grown fruits and vegetables, from harvesting farm products to compost management. The outputs of this community farm will be made available to the surrounding community at a reduced cost, as well as supply the other half of Wimberly's Roots' work to address food insecurity. The community farm provides food to be used in our catering services and donation-based cafe, as well as provide foods for use in our classes for youth and adults. We hope to create a stable and sustainable foundation on which the food security of our community can rest. We have a lot of work to do and could use your help!

Join us for our Volunteer Days!

Washing Harvest and Storage Containers

We need support with our harvest and distribution preparation. This enables us to provide healthy food to the community through sales at the farmers market and donations to the community.

We need volunteers to help wash harvest and food storage containers on Mondays.

Community Cafe Support

Our donation-based Community Cafe serves fresh meals using food from the farm to people regardless of their ability to pay. Volunteers are needed to support the operations of the cafe each week. 

We need help each week serving food, cleaning the kitchen, and washing dishes.

All volunteers are asked to wear masks and follow safety procedures for COVID-19.

Upon arrival of the first volunteer day, volunteers must fill out the volunteer waivers.

Sustainable Development Goals
45 People | 16 Impacts | 47 Hours




I can help on July 8th. It appears open. Kdembry@att.net
Dennis Simmons, I am trying to register to volunteer with Wimberly roots.com I came and helped Thursday I need help registering would you please respond I’ll give me a call 863-443-6452 thank you tie
Good morning Ty,
I am wondering if we are going to be gardening today.